Our big puppy, Rocky, 75 lbs at 10 months, was completely unmanageable. Taking him for a walk was an extreme experience. After Unbounded K9 worked with him, he is now a pleasure to take for a walk. What a positive difference.

-Jeff H. (Rocky)

2 week On-Leash Board and Train


Prior to signing up, Coltrane went nuts at the doorbell, tended to jump on guests when they entered the house, and would bolt into the woods if a door was left cracked.  In addition our kids could barely walk him, and we had to avoid other dogs and pray he did not see a deer or cat for fear he would yank a leash out of hour hands.  We can now leave doors open, the climb command is a god send when the doorbell rings, and walking him is now a lot of fun.  The family training we did with the dog a few times while he was boarding with you, and then the sessions at home have been very useful.  With the base you established with Coltrane “training the family” was quicker than I expected. We now refer to our dog as Coltrane 2.0.  The new upgraded and improved version.


-Dyson and family (Coltrane)

3 week Off-Leash Board and Train


Definitely helped our three incorrigible pups . My three dogs (two pit mixes and one retriever) did five days each of the Doggie Day Training, and I was really happy with the results. All of my dogs are a little older (6, 7, 11), but they were able to either teach them new skills or help them remember forgotten ones (like walking nicely on a leash). One dog has some aggressive tendencies, and we had tried other aggressive dog classes without much success. Alison worked with us to help control the dog in a way that other trainers had just not been able to do. Also, as a bonus, they take pictures of your dog during his/her training and post them on Facebook so you can keep tabs on them and show your disbelieving family how clever your dog is.

-Alexa (Odin, Shadow, & Trixie)

On-leash Day Training




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