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Alison G Miller

Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Alison grew up on the north shore of Chicago. She has always had a love for animals which she attributes to her late father who believed that all creatures have a place in this world. ​


For the past 15 years, Alison has trained professionally and helped families from the east to west coast have a better relationship with their dogs. She believes that the key to being a successful dog trainer is to always be learning; from other trainers, veterinarians, scientists, animal control, shelters, and most importantly the dogs themselves. 

"By working with animal professionals of all kinds, you really learn so much more about dogs as individuals. Seeing dogs in all the different environments, brings out different behaviors. Learning to work with dogs from all those aspects helps to create a symbiotic relationship and resolve issues."

Alison specializes in training of all types including, but not limited to, obedience, aggression, fear, puppy training, detection, protection, agility, search and rescue, and service dogs.

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