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Board & Train

Board & Train

$1750-$6000 Ranging from 2-6 weeks depending on training needs

This program is the fastest and most reliable way to get a well behaved dog and is perfect for busy families and individuals! 

Throughout their stay your dog will be trained multiple times a day in various locations. This training allows for the dog to learn in total consistency with the trainer. 

Your dog is boarded with our trainer to get the best possible transition back into your own home. This is available to any client but is recommended for dogs with behavior issues (anxiety, fear, aggression). 

We customize each Board & Train program to exactly what your dog and household needs. Every situation is different and so our dog training is not one-size-fits-all.

Training Includes:

  • Boarding

  • Training

  • Training Collar

  • Follow-up Lessons (Number of lessons is dependent on length of training)

  • Access to our Trainer for questions and troubleshooting

  • Special Training Requests Include (severity level will determine recommended training length)

    • Aggression

    • Confidence Building

    • Housetraining

    • Crate Training

    • Drive Building

    • Agility

    • Retrieves

Day Training

Day Training/Mini Board & Train

Training a Puppy

$175/day - Additional $30/overnight in between training days

*Training Packages Available

Drop off your dog between 9-10 am and pick up between 4-6 pm. During the day they will work with our trainer towards their individual training goals. Every three days of training we will go over what we have taught the dog and address any questions or concerns! 

Your dog can board overnight with us in-between training days for convenience for an additional charge turning their program into a mini board and train.

This program is best suited for dogs that do not have major behavioral issues. If you are unsure if your dog falls into that category or not, please give us a call to talk with our trainer!

Training can include any of the training types listed above. Training collar can be purchased in addition.

Ask About Our Day Training Package


Canine Good Citizen


$100: 30 minute CGC preparation | $40: CGC Test

AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluations and preparation are available in 30 minute sessions. We are able to help you train then administer any of the CGC tests. The CGC is a great way to show off the skills that your dog knows, behavior in public, good social skills, and even get discounts on some insurances!

The CGC is a 10 skill test that demonstrates good manners and responsible dog ownership. The test includes friendly and controlled interactions with a stranger, loose leash walking, recall, controlled behavior around dogs and distractions, and composure during a brief separation from the owner.

Canine Matchmaking

Canine Matchmaking

Child Playing with Dog

$100-$600 Depending on level of involvement

Want to know the best breed of dog to fit your life? Looking to know what puppy or adult dog personality is best for your family? Canine Matchmaking is a greatly underrated service that greatly diminishes how many dogs end up in shelters. 

Our trainer will discuss specifics with you about your household and lifestyle. Matchmaking can range from recommending specific breeds and tests to determine compatibility, helping pick a dog from a shelter or puppy from a litter, all the way to our full service option of finding a dog specifically from a breeder or shelter.

Service Dog Training

Call for pricing | Consultation required for program acceptance

Service dogs are unique and highly trained to perform specific tasks to help their handlers function independently in their homes and public. They are held to a high standard of obedience and temperament. Not all dogs can become service dogs.

Our service dog training and certification is selective in both handlers and dogs. If accepted as a service dog training client, we recommend letting our trainers select a dog. We will consider dogs already owned by the client under certain circumstances. 

 Types of service dogs trained at Unbounded K9:

- Mobility

- Hearing

- Odor Alert


- Anxiety Disorder*

*Acceptance in the program is highly dependent on level of anxiety as necessary to obtain a service dog. All service dogs are trained to perform specific tasks to aid their handlers. Emotional Support Dogs are not Service Dogs and will not certified through this program.

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