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The Pack


Founder & CEO

Cattle Dog/Boxer Mix

Annie is one of the founding dogs of Unbounded K9 and she loves to be loved. She helped Alison pass many of her requirements while attending the Tom Rose School. Annie is trained in advanced obedience, agility, narcotics detection, and retrieve work. At Unbounded K9, she assists client dogs in socialization skills as well as acts as a distraction and role model in client training sessions. 


Annie has traveled all over the country and is even trained was trained as  live find search and rescue dog for Disaster Dogs of Illinois. These days Annie enjoys being a house dog, snuggling, helping train other dogs, and practicing search and rescue drills.


Vice President of Product Quality

Belgian Malinois/Alano Español

Lir is a Belgian Malinois/Alano Espanol cross. He is trained in personal protection and has competed in the Protection Sports Association. Lir earned his Protection Dog Certificate (PDC). While he is trained to protect, he is just a big lovable goofball on the side!


Cricket Ha'ateed

Belgian Malinois

Office Manager

Cricket comes from a long line of police and personal protection dogs. You would never know from meeting her though because she is a sweetheart. Her FAVORITE thing in the whole world is a ball. She will even kick the ball for herself and chase it if the humans are ever to busy to play fetch. Cricket is trained in basic protection work and obedience. Cricket is the main assistant for lessons, classes, and training sessions.


Belgian Malinois

Communications Director

Echo has the most fitting name as she loves to hear the sound of her own voice. She frequently mimics the sounds including a cat's meow. She is trained in obedience, basic protection, and is will willing climb onto any object you ask her to. She is quite the acrobat. 



Belgian Meowinois

Head of Security

Desi joined the pack as a young kitten and has believed she was a dog ever since. She enjoys naps, wrestling with her siblings, mind games, and advance protection work. 


Jolene de Barriques

Belgian Malinois


Jolene is the newest member of the pack and is Cricket's great niece. Jolene is just a puppy but she is quickly excelling at obedience and basic protection. She is in training to compete in protection sports in the future. 

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