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Dog Walker at the Park

Our Philosophy

Dog training has three main components: Timing, Motivation, and Consistency. These components along with developing the touch as an experienced trainer are the key to successfully training your dog.     

Motivation is a term used for the amount of stimulation required to change an undesired behavior. We can use positive and negative motivation when we speak of training. Remember when you were in school it was important that your teacher gave you positive and negative feedback on your work. The negative was to help you understand what you did wrong and the positive was to encourage you. Without one or the other you do not achieve the desired results, this is the same when we talk about dog training.      


The most important thing to remember is that TRAINING COLLARS AND TOOLS DO NOT ABUSE DOGS, PEOPLE DO. Using any training tool improperly can lead to harm. That is why it is so important that every dog owner be clearly informed. We use a variety of training methods and training tools to properly train your dog to a reliable state.  That being said, we will only use those training methods that you feel comfortable with for your dog. Every dog is different and we are sure to approach training methods as such.      


The final and most important aspect of training is consistency. Inconsistency can be very confusing to dogs. If you let them on the couch sometimes but not others they do not understand that. When training your dog, it is also important that everyone in the household be consistent. I encourage that every member of the household who will be around and with the dog comes to lessons. If everyone is on the same page your dog will learn much quicker. Also the more consistent you are with your dog the quicker you will get to a level where you no longer have to correct your dog. No one wants to correct their dog forever. If you are consistent your dog can learn our language and follow commands.  We believe that every dog is different and needs an individualized training program to meet the needs of the owner and pet. I can only suggest training collars and techniques to be used. We will not force anything on an owner. And we will use whatever training method that the owner feels comfortable with.  The owner must be comfortable with all decisions made before training can begin. If you are not comfortable with a training tool then you will not consistently use it and consistency is the most important aspect of dog training.       

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